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“The Board” is where you can explore the tales and adventures of Merchant Mariners the world over.

Have a look around and make sure to share your experiences as well.

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      Explore here to learn about exciting Mariner destination all over the world. Share with our community your tales about shopping, restaurants, things to do, and more in the cities you will be encountering while out to sea. Do you not see the city that interests you? Become a member and come aboard to start a new topic, and share your experiences.
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      Explore here to learn about the living conditions, amenities, entertainment, and so many more details that are available on specific ships. If you do not see a particular vessel, you can always sign up and come aboard to start a new topic and share your experiences.
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      The working conditions on a ship can sometimes be challenging and here you can learn about the tasks performed while out to sea. Find out about Mariners' experiences firsthand and exchange scuttlebutt on specific occupations and what all to expect. Sign up or come aboard and start sharing, other Mariners are waiting!
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       Sailor Sam

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