The best sources of maritime news

The best sources of maritime news

Our industry is constantly changing, and those who work in this field need a reliable source of maritime news to stay on top of current trends. Luckily, there are plenty of great sources out there that every mariner should follow.

Shipping is pretty big business, in case you haven’t noticed. And just like any major industry, there is no shortage of publications devoted to giving you useful information. Of course, not all publications are created equal. Each maritime news outlet has a slightly different angle and different areas of focus. Here at Out2Sea, we wouldn’t be fulfilling our duty to make you a better mariner if we didn’t properly explain the differences between some of the leading maritime news outlets.


How do you get your maritime news?

Marine Insight

As an online outlet, Marine Insight is pretty ambitious. Here, you can find everything from up-to-date maritime news, to case studies about accidents and ship equipment. The platform also publishes longer-form blog articles about life at sea and career tips for mariners. It even has a whole financial planning section, complete with a free guide for seafarers.

With a truly international scope, Marine Insight brings you maritime news from all over the world. The frequency at which they publish content virtually guarantees there will be something new to read on a daily basis.

Professional Mariner

Part of the Navigator Publishing network that also publishes American Ship Review and American Tugboat Review, Professional Mariner serves mainly owners and operators of commercial vessels in the U.S. and Canada. This includes ships that travel on inland waterways, as well as oceangoing ships.

The print magazine is published every month, while the website is updated more frequently. Professional Mariner doesn’t place a heavy emphasis on issues that affect rank-and-file mariners, like Marine Insight does. Nor should they, when their readership largely consists of vessel owners. However, their detailed analysis on shipbuilding, boat salvages and new equipment changing the industry is certainly worth a look.


Another mainstay in the maritime publishing world, MarineLink focuses on a lot of the business aspects of shipping, like new ship orders and shipbuilding trends. This in-depth maritime news source also devotes a lot of resources to covering the laws and regulations that govern the shipping world – the area where business and government intersect.

Perhaps more than any other maritime publication, MarineLink provides its readers with great coverage on the US Navy. Articles focus on the many ways the Navy is updating its fleet, as well as any breaking news that may affect naval vessels operating abroad. We know full well that plenty of mariners serve on Military Sealift Command (MSC) ships, so having the latest from the Navy is very important.


Alright – this is our own blog, so we reserve the right to talk about ourselves a little bit. As a social networking site devoted to merchant mariners, our mission is to help seafarers all over the world stay connected with their loved ones. But did you know we also have a monthly e-magazine focused on everything Merchant Marines? We just launched back in December, and we’re about ready to publish our fifth issue next month! The last issue featured articles on eco-friendly shipping, as well as the importance of the Jones Act.

Our magazine covers everything from industry trends, to maritime history. It’s one of the many ways in which we’re providing mariners with an all-in-one platform where they can stay in touch AND stay informed!

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