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Out2Sea’s growing chronicles of mariner experiences on Merchant Marine ships offer valuable insight for seafarers. Take a few minutes to look at our forum pages and provide input from your own  personal adventures at sea.

Cabin maintenance and cleanliness, opportunities for privacy, even rules regarding smoking, nightlife, and entertainment options will vary from ship to ship.

Everything from the size of a ship’s cabins to bunk styles and provisions for sheets, blankets, and pillows matter to everyone who will call these quarters home for any length of time.

Your position on these vessels will determine whether or not you will have a private cabin and bath; even if you do enjoy such luxuries on one ship, you may be contending with a communal bathroom on another ship.

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Living and working on board one of these ships provides a unique set of challenges and adventures that you’ll want to share with friends, family, and fellow mariners.

Out2Sea provides the perfect platform to gain and share experiences specifically related to people who work at sea.

Working onboard a merchant vessel definitely has its advantages

Since expenses are limited – after all, there are no lodging and feeding expenses, working as a Merchant Mariner can be very profitable

There are plenty of opportunities to travel the world and see exotic places for free.

There is time off to enjoy any luxury amenities the ship may have to offer

Opportunities to meet different people from all around the world are unlimited

The chance to be promoted and move up in the ranks is excellent.



Life as a Merchant Mariner can be an exciting and rewarding opportunity for anyone, but it does come with some challenges

We developed to provide mariners with a place to share their real-life experiences with other and to offer practical information for Merchant Mariners, their families, and friends. encourages mariners to share their experiences with one or all of the locations they’ve visited on the Out2Sea website for others in our community. Collectively, the useful information shared by Merchant Mariners could provide a valuable collection of travel information that can help other mariners coming into the industry, as well as their friends and families.

Mariners, often have tales of amazing cultural experiences from their travels that others might find interesting or helpful. Sharing information on safety, places to dine, family-friendliness, and even the spiritual offerings of a particular destination that may influence another member’s destination experience.

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Merchant Mariners, their families, friends, and Maritime personnel all benefit from sharing and learning from the stories of destination experiences.

The exposure a Merchant Mariner receive in the course of their seafaring tenure is unlike that of any other career. The Merchant Mariner can’t help but to grow and learn from the experience. Since Merchant Mariners work long stretches at a time, their contracted days are often very generous – sometimes two to four months, which provides for some desirable opportunities to explore the world.

Your incredible experiences while being out to sea, along with the knowledge shared by others on “The Board” create a collection of information that is second to none when preparing to go aboard a vessel.

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