Out2Sea launches online store

Out2Sea launches online store

To help spread the Out2Sea brand name and provide mariners with the best gear, we have launched an online store connected to our website. This is just the latest addition in our goal to become the one-stop-shop for everything Merchant Marine!

We’re calling our online store “The Slop Chest” because mariners can find all kinds of clothing here, from custom Out2Sea t-shirts, to ironclad utility gloves and work boots. Slop chest, of course, is an old term used to refer to a store of clothing on a merchant ship. Sailors could get almost any type of clothing they needed from the slop chest for a given sum of money, which was usually charged against their pay.

In the course of your work as a merchant mariner, you probably go through gear very quickly. That’s why a well-stocked slop chest was always needed on merchant ships – and that’s what we’re hoping to give you in our online store.

To access Out2Sea’s slop chest, simply go to our home page, Out2Sea.com, and visit the menu bar at the top of the page. Then, click on the shopping cart icon.

Out2Sea shirt

What we’re offering in our online store

Once you’re in the slop chest, you’ll have the option to click through to our Shop page. You can also scroll down and check out our affiliate gear. We’ve included previews of featured products down at the bottom of the page, and these products are all available in our Shop.

The Out2Sea Shop is where you’ll find all your custom Out2Sea gear. Right now, we’ve got several great t-shirt designs on sale. Each design comes in a few different colors, and you can choose between black, grey, red, blue or orange.  

Some of our favorite designs include a Marty the Mariner t-shirt with a message from our beloved mascot. We’re also selling a pinup sailor girl shirt, that’s guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

Other t-shirts in our online store feature a few different variations on our logo, as well as an anchor and mooring design.  

What about our affiliate selling?

Looking for gear that will get your through your next voyage? To help prepare you for any conditions you might face in your job, we’re giving you the opportunity to buy apparel through Amazon. To get to our affiliate selling page, simply click the “Shop Now” button in the slop chest, under where it says “Browse through our collection of affiliate gear!”

When you click on one of the items listed on this page, you’ll be taken to Amazon’s website, where you’ll be able to make a purchase. Please keep in mind that Out2Sea will receive a percentage of every sale made on the page!

Choose from work-related items like a tactical flashlight, waterproof work boots, coveralls and work pants. Don’t forget that we’re offering popular brand names, from Dickies to Carhartt. As a proud Amazon affiliate, we hope to keep adding more gear to our online store as time goes on.

It’s our goal, by offering this online store, to make the seafaring experience more convenient for our members and guests. We greatly appreciate your business!

Want to learn more about Out2Sea? Join us! There’s no fee for signing up!

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