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    Has anyone done a lot of tanker work? Are the job duties much different for deck officers? What about the length of the haul and the working conditions compared to regular cargo ships?

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    I’ve been on tankers and they have the nest runs if you like coastwise. The ones I’ve been on usually go from Tampa to Louisiana. You have more shore time and usually have TV with cable and in port every other day.

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    Tanker mating is a different kind of skill then being a deck officer on any other kinda of ship as far a cargo.. Navigation watch is what that is …but u earn your money in that cargo control room and out on deck learning the cargo piping system, lining up valves , ballast control, IG, cargo max , various related paperwork etc etc… if u a good tanker mate, any other mate job you take on another ship gonna seem gravy.. I’ve been riding tankers since 2007 been a mate on one since 2016

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    I’m AB tankerman on ATBS and I absolutly love it. I worked on a coastal tanker first and enjoyed that as well. All I can say is if you don’t mind a little hustle and ramped up safety procedures and want to stay somewhat local than tankers are the way to go.

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