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Our Mission

About Out2Sea is designed for merchant mariners, by merchant mariners. Our mission is to make the sailing experience better for everyone. We love sailing in the Merchant Marines, but we know first-hand that going out to sea can be challenging.

Long stretches of time away from loved ones, unreliable information on ship conditions before sailing and lack of knowledge about destinations on a trip are just a few of the many challenges merchant mariners face.

Charting your course

Out2Sea is a one-stop shop for learning about the Merchant Marines and sharing your experiences in the industry. Whether you’re interested in becoming a Merchant Marine, or a veteran of the high seas, our fully integrated, easy-to-use social network lets you share photos, videos and experiences with others. But that’s not all!

  • Have all your seafaring questions answered over on The Board!
  • Read up on industry trends with Out2Sea, The Magazine for Merchant Mariners
  • Post your work schedule so loved ones know when they can reach you!

Our mission is to serve as a valuable resource for seafarers, their families and their friends.

Let the journey begin! is in no way affiliated with any union, officials of a union, corporation or any other entity that operates within the maritime industry or any other related industry. shall not purposely disclose the views or opinions expressed by its users to any aforementioned entity for any reason whatsoever.

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